Employment rate among fresh poly grads dips, but wages rise: Survey

SINGAPORE– While the average regular monthly salary has increased for fresh polytechnic graduates, the employment rate for this group has dipped to an all-time low because data was first collected in 2005, based upon the most recent Graduate Work Study by the 5 polytechnics here.

The study discovered that 86.4 per cent of those who were working or actively looking for work had landed jobs within 6 months of finishing, a drop from 90.6 percent in 2016. From 2011 to 2015, the figure hovered between 88.9 per cent and 92.1 percent.

The rate was 89.8 percent for graduates who went into the labor force after National Service (NS), which likewise dropped from 95.4 percent in 2016.

A spokesperson from the survey committee informed TODAY that the general employment rate “is the lowest since 2005”. “The steady decrease over the years reflects the greater shift in polytechnic graduates’ choices and aspirations. More polytechnic graduates are choosing to start work later on, or strategy to set up their own companies.”


More graduates are also pursuing further studies, particularly full-time research studies, and less are economically active in terms of looking or working for tasks.

“While the variety of polytechnic graduates who can not discover employment has not altered significantly for many years, with the shrinking base of economically active graduates, this results in an increasing unemployment rate. For polytechnic graduates who are seeking employment upon graduation, they continue to be in good demand in the task market,” the representative included.

The outcomes of the survey, done in 2015 based upon actions from 10,151 fresh graduates and 5,022 post-NS graduates, were launched on Friday (Jan 12).

Graduates who wish to further their studies are a growing group that the 2017 survey’s committee has actually kept in mind.

In November in 2015, the Workforce Ministry detailed in its advance 2017 labour force report that youths here are more inclined to choose further studies and are beginning work later on. Among other things, the report revealed that the work rate fell between June 2016 and June in 2015 for citizens aged 15 to 24, due to the young having a “greater propensity to pursue more education and postpone entry into the labour force”.

Amongst the polytechnic fresh graduates in the labour force in 2015, near one-third are in part-time or momentary employment (30.9 per cent), with a handful doing freelance work (2.8 per cent). About 5 in 10 (52.8 per cent) had full-time irreversible jobs.

For those in full-time tasks, the average gross monthly salary stood at S$ 2,200, a little higher than S$ 2,180 in 2016.

For those who got in the workforce after NS, the typical pay fell somewhat to S$ 2,480 in 2015, down from S$ 2,517 in 2016.

In terms of their job status, 6 in 10 (64 per cent) of post-NS graduates were in full-time permanent jobs, and nearly 2 in 10 (17.7 percent) remained in part-time or short-term work. The rest (8.1 percent) were doing self-employed work.

Just like the findings on the total associate, the majority of post-NS graduates were in part-time, temporary or independent employment because they were pursuing further studies, or preparing to do so.

Among the fresh graduates in full-time tasks, those from health-sciences diploma courses were the top earners, drawing the greatest mean gross month-to-month pay of S$ 2,500.

In 2nd location were those from the built environment, engineering and maritime course classification along with details and digital technologies, both at S$ 2,200.

RSAF sends helicopter, aircraft to search for 2 missing persons in South China Sea

SINGAPORE– The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has released a search and rescue operation together with Indonesian and malaysian authorities, after a vessel sank in the South China Sea with 2 individuals unaccounted for.

MPA said in a declaration on Saturday (Jan 13) that it was alerted to the accident, which happened within the Singapore Maritime Browse and Rescue Area, on Friday at 3.30 pm.

Three passing merchant vessels managed to rescue 11 persons from the sinking vessel.

” According to the survivors, there were 13 crew on board,” MPA stated.

“The Republic of Singapore Flying Force (RSAF) has actually also deployed one Super Puma helicopter and one Fokker-50 maritime patrol aircraft to support the search and rescue operation,” stated MPA.

The vessel sank more than 85km (45.89 nautical miles) away from Pedra Branca, and the closest point of land is Tanjung Sedili in Kota Tinggi District, Johor.

Three more suspects in multi-million Shell fuel heist charged

SINGAPORE– Three more guys were charged in court on Saturday (Jan 13) in connection with a multi-million fuel heist from Shell’s Pulau Bukom plant.

2 Singaporeans – Alan Tan Cheng Chuan, 45, and Ng Hock Teck, 54 – were charged with one count of abetting the commission of an offense of criminal breach of trust as servant each.

The 3rd– Doan Xuan Than, a 45-year-old Vietnamese national– was accuseded of one count of dishonestly getting stolen property.

TODAY comprehends none are Shell staff members and that they were arrested separately from a gang of 17 males captured in an authorities sting operation on Sunday.

Tan and Ng allegedly conspired to dishonestly get stolen home of about 300 metric tons of gas oil worth S$ 160,000.

Court documents reveal that the loot was presumably moved from Pulau Bukom to a vessel called Sentek 26 in the early hours of Nov 11 in 2015.

On the other hand, Doan allegedly got about 1348.8 metric tonnes of gas oil worth more than S$ 736,000 at a Pulau Bukom wharf at about 8 pm on Dec 31 last year.

If founded guilty, they each face a jail regard to up to five years and a possible fine. The trio will be remanded until their cases are scheduled to be heard again on Jan 18.

The arrests came after Shell Singapore lodged a report last August about misappropriation of fuel. In Sunday’s sting operation, cops took around S$ 3.05 million in cash, as well as a tanker weighing roughly 12,000 tonnes.

Eleven of those males were charged on Tuesday with misusing, and receiving fuel from Shell’s plant in Pulau Bukom. The 11 were supposedly involved in 3 various conspiracies, amounting to more than S$ 2.4 million worth of fuel.

These include nine Singaporeans– eight of whom are present and previous Shell employees who are declared to have dedicated criminal breach of trust at its manufacturing website.

They are Muzaffar Ali Khan Muhamad Akram, 36; Juandi Pungot, 41; Cai Zhi Zhong, 35; Tiah Kok Hwee, 41; Koh Choon Wei, 35; Muhammad Ali Muhammad Nor, 51; Mohd Ibrahim K. Abdul Majid, 52; Abdul Latif Ibrahim, 59; and Richard Goh Chee Keong, 48.

On Nov 21 last year, five of them– Muzzafar Ali, Juandi, Cai, Tiah and Koh– supposedly abetted and conspired to misuse 2,322 metric tonnes of gas oil worth S$ 1.3 million at Pulau Bukom.

The five guys, who were Shell employees at the time of their offences, were presumably at it once again on Sunday. This time, they conspired with Muhammad Ali and stole some 1,260 tonnes of Shell fuel, valued at around S$ 688,000. Muhammad Ali is not a Shell staff member and it is unclear who he was working for.

The loot was then thought to be moved onto a Panama-registered vessel, Prime South, which two Vietnamese who were likewise charged on Tuesday were on. They are Nguyen Duc Quang, 46, and Dang Van Hanh, 37.

When it comes to Goh, Ibrahim and Latif– who were Shell workers– they presumably conspired on Jan 5 to abuse more than 800 tonnes of fuel, worth around S$ 437,800, from the business.

Saturday’s advancement brings the variety of individuals who have actually been charged so far to 14.

Thyroid disorders: Too much or too little, but highly treatable

SINGAPORE– After undergoing surgical treatment to eliminate an overactive thyroid in 2014, video games designer and publisher Xeo Lye had jokingly asked his medical professional for how long he could endure without thyroid hormonal agent replacement tablets “in the event of a zombie apocalypse”. He was offered one year.

” I was told that my body functions will gradually close down if I did not take my hormone tablets. I will ultimately slip into a coma and die. Well, it seems like I ‘d still have a long time to butcher a few zombies along the way,” stated the 38-year-old games with a laugh.

A decade-long struggle with Graves’ illness, an autoimmune condition that triggers his own antibodies to assault the thyroid, has actually not moistened his outlook.

Mr Lye eliminated the whole gland as his condition was so severe that it could not be effectively controlled with regular treatment. An examination had likewise spotted a nodule in his thyroid which was potentially cancerous.


In conjunction with Thyroid Awareness Month, Mr Lye shared his experience to raise awareness of thyroid disorders.

Detected in 2004, he had actually initially associated early indications of the illness– problems falling asleep and hand tremblings – to the stress of trading in the United States Options market. The hand tremblings became too apparent to dismiss. Sleep eluded him and his immune system went haywire. Common moderate health problems like stomach flu ended up being hard to handle. Once, he took 6 months to recuperate from a viral fever.

Mr Lye’s “super strong” thyroid likewise practically killed him in 2011 when it went unto an overdrive after radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment that was meant to slow down his thyroid activity. The episode impacted his potassium levels, which caused muscle paralysis.

” Initially, I thought I had overworked my muscles after trying out skinny jeans on a shopping trip, which I considered a genuine workout,” he quipped. “The cramps got worse and by the time I got to the (health center’s) emergency department, I might not feel my limbs. I didn’t understand how severe the episode was up until I gained from the doctor that I was well on my way to a heart attack.”


The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that affects metabolic processes. If it breakdowns, it will wreak havoc on a host of body functions consisting of guideline of heart rate and rhythm, weight, brain activity and energy production.

Professionals estimate that approximately 5 to 10 per cent of the population struggles with a thyroid disorder.

It is presently uncertain why some person’s thyroids or body immune systems malfunction.

Research shows genetic factors may be involved. A research study published in Hormone and Metabolic Research study in 2011 discovered that children and brother or sisters of autoimmune thyroid diseases victims have a 16-fold and 15-fold – increased threat of developing the conditions, respectively. Research studies have actually also revealed that if an identical twin agreements Graves’, the other twin has a higher possibility of getting it too.

Thyroid conditions, which can occur at any age, are also more common in ladies. They are about 5 times more typical in ladies than in males, stated Dr Goh Su-Yen, head and senior specialist of Singapore General Health center’s department of endocrinology.

A comparable trend is observed for thyroid cancer, which is 3 times more common in females than in men, said Dr Goh. Thyroid cancers are the eighth-most typical cancer in women but are not amongst the leading 10 cancers for guys, based on the 2010 to 2014 National Disease Computer registry report, she stated.

” However, this does not indicate that (thyroid disorders) are unusual in men. Both males and females can be affected by the exact same kind of thyroid conditions,” said Dr Vivien Lim, president of the Endocrine Metabolic Society of Singapore and endocrinologist at Gleneagles Healthcare facility.

Typical thyroid disorders vary from a bigger gland (known as a goiter) to the lethal cancer. They likewise include Tomb’ disease (which triggers the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormonal agents), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (which causes the thyroid to produce insufficient hormonal agents) and thyroid including nodules, stated Dr Lim.


Early indications of a thyroid condition may not be apparent. For instance, signs of an underactive thyroid might develop gradually over a number of years, depending upon the intensity of the hormone shortage, stated Dr Goh.

” You might hardly observe symptoms such as fatigue and sluggishness, which might at first seem to be simply part and parcel of growing older. The signs become more apparent as your metabolism continues to slow,” said Dr Goh.

While both genders experience similar symptoms, particular signs are more commonly seen in males.

If the thyroid condition is serious, it may cause impotence, stated Dr Lim. Periodic paralysis– attacks of muscle weakness– is more typical in guys with Tomb’ disease, said Dr Goh. The condition may be fatal if the breathing muscles or heart are impacted.

Men and smokers with Tomb’ likewise have the tendency to experience a more serious type of eye symptom, referred to as Tomb’ orbitopathy, she added. This happens through irritated eye muscle and tissue, which can cause the eyeballs to appear to protrude from their sockets.

Muscle paralysis and eye symptoms, Mr Lye likewise developed an uncommon skin condition called pretibial myxedema, which triggered scaling and swelling on his ankle. “The medical professional was so stunned and excited by it because it was so uncommon in Singapore it just existed in medical literature,” he stated.


Inning Accordance With Dr Lim, many thyroid conditions are extremely treatable. In hyperthyroidism for instance, oral medications are able to control the symptoms and lower thyroid hormonal agent production. When oral medications do not work, there are other alternatives such as radioactive iodine, she stated.

Those with a sluggish thyroid are usually treated with hormonal agent replacement therapy. This involves using artificial thyroid hormone pills that control the patient’s thyroid hormonal agent levels and normalises metabolism, said Dr Goh.

Outcomes for early-stage thyroid cancers appear favorable too.

“It depends upon the patient’s age and how advanced the cancer is however I constantly inform clients that if I were to select one cancer to have, it would be (thyroid cancer), given that it is rather slow-growing and the 10-year survival rates are high, when detected early,” said Dr Lim.

Some thyroid clients look for alternative or complementary therapies, such as supplements, Conventional Chinese Medicine, together with treatments recommended by their doctors.

While such alternative therapies are usually safe, there is little proof to show they are effective, stated Dr Nitish Mishra, a professional in endocrinology and specialist at Raffles Diabetes and Endocrine Centre. He cautioned against changing traditional medical treatment with such treatments.

“The threat is that their thyroid condition will worsen, and they might need emergency situation admission beyond a specific threshold. When it comes to thyroid cancer, there is a potential for the illness to spread out if conventional medical treatment is delayed,” he stated.

Clients who want to use alternative treatments should also consult their doctors before beginning any alternative therapy.

Mr Lye needs hormone replacement therapy for life, he has no remorses getting rid of his “mutant” thyroid.

“My sister, who has a much milder form of Graves’ illness, said I was foolish to (remove my thyroid). For me, it feels as if a curse has actually finally been raised,” he stated.

A study released in Hormonal agent and Metabolic Research study in 2011 found that kids and brother or sisters of autoimmune thyroid diseases victims have a 15-fold and 16-fold- increased danger of developing the conditions, respectively. If the thyroid condition is extreme, it may cause erectile dysfunction, stated Dr Lim. Periodic paralysis– attacks of muscle weakness– is more common in guys with Graves’ illness, stated Dr Goh. According to Dr Lim, a lot of thyroid conditions are extremely treatable. In hyperthyroidism for example, oral medications are able to control the signs and minimize thyroid hormone production.